Rifle Falls State Park


Rifle Falls State Park is one of Colorado’s hidden gems. The park’s lush vegetation and waterfalls have attracted photographers and movie crews from around the country who come to capture the area’s unique scenery.

The falls is a lush area of trees and greenery kept moist by the spray from the cascading triple waterfall. Picnicking near the falls is very popular. Mysterious limestone caves beneath the falls entice spelunkers and other curious visitors to explore their dark depths. Because of its dramatic setting, many weddings and other events have been held at Rifle Falls.

The park has 13 drive-in and seven walk-in campsites that sit to the south along East Rifle Creek.

For more information about the park and to plan your visit, CLICK HERE.

A short hike pays off with this magnificent view from just above Rifle Falls. Photo by Will Bynum

The mysterious limestone caves are perfect for summer time exploring. Photo by Will Bynum

The trail that leads to the top of the falls offers a variety of wonderful views. Photo by Will Bynum

The natural beauty of the park doesn't stop at the falls. Photo by Will Bynum

Spray from the falls keeps the entire area lush and beautiful. Photo by Will Bynum

The geology of the area around the falls is very unique. Photo by Will Bynum

The trails are well maintained and lead to great views. Photo by Will Bynum

A view from the top of the trail. Photo by Will Bynum

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