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Businesses across the state are being impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. In this new series, we talk to business owners to find out how they're weathering the storm. First up is Platte River Outfitters in Bailey. 

Platte River Outfitters is an outdoor clothing and gear store and they specialize in "everything you need to get out there." This family-owned business operated by Glenn and Kris Ellis specializes in Carhartt clothing and also offers a broad selection of camping, fishing and hiking gear as well as snowshoe rentals. The store is located at 41 County Road 68 in Bailey. 

The store has been weathering the Coronavirus storm perhaps a little better than some other across the state. Kris told The Colorado Adventure that they are open for business but "being very cautious." 

"This is devastating to the tourism industry," Kris said, "and will hit all of us in our small tourist based town extremely hard. We feel very blessed to live in Bailey - it's a great community and we are all supporting each other!"

Platte River Outfitters does not have an online store right now, but they are thinking about establishing one to help with sales as tourism numbers dip. 

One employee had to self-quarantine because they just returned from travel; but that employee was part-time so Kris and Glenn have been getting by the best they can. Business has actually been up in recent weeks because of some of the products they carry - oxygen, first aid kits, hygiene supplies, ammunition, propane and recreational equipment. But their suppliers are running low on inventory and everyone is under-staffed; so Kris expects business to suffer when they're not able to restock.

The Colorado Adventure encourages everyone to continue supporting local businesses through these difficult times. If you can visit Platte River Outfitters in person, please do so! But you can also check them out online at and be sure to visit their Facebook page at To reach out via email, send your message to Or give Glenn and Kris a call at 303-895-7229.

Glenn Ellis is an avid fly fisherman and guide.
He made the cover of this year's Central Colorado Fishing Guide!

Platte River Outfitters offers a great selection of Carhartt clothing and gear!

Be sure to check out the great selection of Colorado Caliber apparel at Platte River Outfitters!

Stop in at Platte River Outfitters for all your camping and outdoor needs.

Going fishing? Platte River Outfitters has you covered!

Platte River Outfitters has what you need to get out there!

Stop by Platte River Outfitters next time you're in Bailey,
and tell Kris and Glenn hello from The Colorado Adventure!

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