Piscifun Believes In Fishing With Family

Clear Creek Collectibles

When learning more about a company called Piscifun, the first thing we had to know was just what, exactly, Piscifun means.

The word Pisci means "fish" in Latin. So, the word Piscifun means "Fishing Is Fun." Simple enough! 

So what is Piscifun? It's a company founded in 2013 by Ben and Peter - two close friends who have always had a passion for fishing and family. This passion led to the company slogan, "Fish With Family." 

Piscifun is a fishing brand dedicated to offering high-quality, affordable fishing gear. The company strives to cut down circulation costs. With this strategy, customers across the globe can equip themselves with high-quality fishing gear that will not break the bank.

That philosophy certainly gets the Colorado Caliber approval!

You can check out all their products at They offer a full array of fishing-related products - including rods, reels, tools, bags, and even ice fishing gear! 

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