In Cheesus We Trust!

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One of our favorite things about taking a Colorado road trip is finding unique restaurants to try along the way. On a recent trek to Fruita we found ourselves in Idaho Springs at lunchtime and stumbled across a real winner!

Big B’s Soup and Grilled Cheese is located at 2448 Colorado Blvd. The food is great, and we’ll get to that in a bit … but what drew us in was the theme and the décor. At Big B’s, cheese is celebrated in a big way. Sure, it’s a main ingredient in most of the restaurant’s menu offerings – but it’s also revered here and elevated to a religious-like level!

In Cheesus We Trust, indeed!

What Would Cheesus Do? That’s a question we’ll be asking ourselves from now on!

With tongue firmly in cheek, the owner of Big B’s has created a destination dining experience that the entire family can enjoy. Just don’t take things too seriously and you’ll get swept up in the cheese-mania!

The menu is filled with so many intriguing taste combinations that it was a little difficult to decide. Here are The Colorado Adventure, though, we are serious about our committment to experiencing the best that Colorado has to offer and reporting our findings to you. So decide we did!

First up was the Big Texan, a grilled sandwich filled with mesquite pulled pork, cheddar cheese, fried onions and Big B’s BBQ Sauce.

Evan’s review: “It was delicious. All the flavors worked together! The sauce had a little kick, but not too much, and I think it’s the best barbecue sauce I’ve ever had!”

The Big Pastrami was also a hit. It’s packed with pastrami, Swiss cheese, fried jalapenos and jalapeno Dijon.

Will’s review: “A fun and tasty twist on an old favorite; it sounded so different I had to try it. I was not disappointed! I could eat this sandwich every day!”

Great service, exceptional food, and a uniquely hilarious atmosphere … what more could you ask for?

Our only regret was that we couldn’t try all the other fascinating sandwiches on the menu. The Cheesus, for example – a triple decker stuffed with tomato soup and mozzarella cheese. Or the Big Islander, whose description boasts of pineapple mango jalapeno cilantro salsa, and avocado with pepper jack cheese on white bread.

I think we’ll be back!

Big B's Storefront

Big B's Mural

Big B's Sign

What Would Cheesus Do?

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