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Are you planning an outdoor adventure this summer? Eager for some whitewater action? Ready to hit the hiking trail? Want to try zip lining? Is fly fishing more your speed? No matter what, AVA has you covered!

For the last 20 years, AVA has been guiding folks just like you through the great outdoors of Colorado. Since 1988 it has been AVA’s goal to provide professional, exceptional outdoor experiences.

If you’re thinking of coming to Colorado (or if you’re lucky enough to live here!), AVA will have activities close by no matter where you’re hoping to stay. With outposts all across the state, you're sure to find the perfect adventure no matter what part of the state you're visiting.

Need to be close to Denver? The AVA outpost in Idaho Springs is just 30 minutes away. Imagine that – just 30 minutes away from the time of your life! Denver’s central location in Colorado makes it easy to access the best mountain fun and adventure without a lot of travel.

Denver is one seriously fun metropolis, but drive just a few miles from the city and you’re suddenly surrounded by 14,000-foot peaks and some of the most stunning scenery imaginable. You can have it all with AVA’s rafting, zip lining and Via Ferrata adventures!


But wait, you say! What’s a Via Ferrata adventure? It’s a mountain route equipped with fixed ladders, cables and bridges in order to be accessible to climbers and walkers.

Get it? We’d be impressed if you did! A Via Ferrata is a way to traverse across and up a cliff-face by walking across iron bars that have been inserted into the rock face. Via Ferrata is an Italian term that literally means “iron road.”

Via Ferratas trace back to the 19th century but they are most famously known for their use in World War I. Several Via Ferratas were built in the Italian Dolomite mountain region to help troops move throughout the rocky terrain.

Fast forward a few years to when recreation junkies caught wind of these protected climbing paths. There are now over 1,000 Via Ferratas in the world. You can find guided and unguided Via Ferrata courses across the glove, including North America, China, Africa, and Iceland!


With locations around the state, AVA has something for everyone! Adventure packages include Rafting (including overnight and multi-day adventure trips); Via Ferrata; Zip Lining; Rock Climbing; Fly Fishing; Off-Road Adventures; Hiking; Horseback Riding; Hot Air Balloon Rides; and Train Rides. Packages are available that fit almost every need; mix and match to your heart’s content! AVA also offers gear rental and even lodging.

Wondering what to do in Colorado? There’s no shortage of outdoor activities and adventures whether you’re a lifelong local or a first-time visitor. If anything, it can be difficult to narrow down the options. AVA will help you put together the perfect package!

For more information or to book your trip, visit the AVA website by CLICKING HERE. You can also give them a call at 1-800-370-0581 or email them at

You'll have the time of your life with AVA!

AVA has been giving clients great Colorado adventures for 20 years!






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